10 Eco-friendly hacks

Author: Denise M

Everyone can do their part. Since charity begins at home… 

Recycle what you can!

Recycling is the easiest and best thing to do at home. I try to do my part. Home cyclable products From the top of my head, I can think of recycling alfoil and its cardboard roll too! Any sort of plastic paper and cans. Thinking bigger? How about furniture and fridges. We all have old clothes toys and books that can be donated to Salvos for a good cause. 

Reduce the use of single-use plastic 

Plastic bottles contribute to a large % of waste –fill recyclable bottles with water or sell them to a recycling shop is good for the environment and your pocket. Reusable bottles should I say more?

Reduce car use

Replace car journey with the bus, train or even more adventurous a bike ride. Fun fact I love riding so bike riding improves exercise and concentration at work or school ;)

Lights off

Turn off any electric appliance to reduce the electric bill and carbon print!


For the tea lovers, we can make use of a used teabag! Vegetable and fruit peelings and any of them getting mouldy reduces waste and increases gardening.

Toilet bricks

Placing a water brick in the water tank of your toilet. This takes us space of therefore less water is used when the toilet is flushed.

Washing machines and tumble dryers

Wash in cool water and put clothes on the washing lines. Look for the Energy Star labels, which indicate the product is energy efficient.

Do your shopping with a conscious for the environment

Do you like a bit of chemistry? When shopping, look out for chemicals that are damaging to the environment such as nonylphenol ethoxylates (or NPEs, which are detrimental to aquatic life), phosphates, petroleum-based cleaners, and chlorine. Tip If you had trouble with the periodic table in high school, it might be easier just to look for the Green Seal.

Buy organic

You can't go wrong considering the price you have to pay.

Less packaging is more!

Try to buy products with less packaging, choose one with  “biodegradable”, “recycled”, take a cardboard box or take your own bi-degradable bags are all great tactics to reduce packaging consumption. Tip: whenever possible, buy in bulk to cut down further on the packaging. Buy recycled paper goods. Look for 'recycled' when you buy tissues, paper towels, gift wrap, greeting cards, and computer paper.

You’re in luck, Justgold Jewellery Club is big on recycling!

Not only is their packaging cardboard recyclable, but they also strive to minimise as much plastic as possible. All of their packaging material is recyclable. So be sure to chuck them in your recycle bin!

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