How to organise your jewellery?

Author: Qistina Wong

Are you frustrated that you are missing one side of your earrings? Or getting agitated that your necklace is always tangled up that it made you late for your appointments? Let’s be real, anyone who has quite a collection for jewellery will face similar issues. Don't worry, I have some tips and tricks for you ;) Note: the links might become unavailable when the products are updated. 

Jewellery storage boxes 

Looking for the right jewellery organiser can be quite tedious, especially when we are busy working from home. Here are some of my findings that I think are elegant and affordable.

1. Kmart

Good ol’ Kmart! Who loves a good Kmart spree?! I do!


Square Zip Jewellery Box

AUD $12.00


It is compact and has a few compartments. Perfect for your ear studs, rings, and hair clips!



Glass Jewellery Cabinet

AUD $15.00


Such a perfect organizer to hang your necklaces and place other jewellery on the shelves!



Table Jewellery Storage Mirror

AUD $30.00


Put your make up on and open up the mirror to accessorize yourself immediately! 

2. Myer

If you want something that looks a little fancy-schmancy, Myer has a couple of good options!

Travel Case

AUD $53.95


Cute travel case for your rings and earrings!





Compact Jewellery Box

AUD $79.95


What more can you ask for? A place for your necklaces, rings, earring, hair clips, twilly scarf – there’s even a drawer at the bottom! What a value for money!


3. Amazon

If those options above aren’t your cup of tea, online stores such as Amazon has good looking organisers as well. (Keep in mind that you’ll be able to get free shipping when you spend more than AUD $39.)


Jewellery Box Case

AUD $16.98

(+$9.79 Delivery)


Oh….so cute! Such an all-rounder. Perfect for travelling as well.







Keebofly Jewelry Stand Organizer with Adjustable Height

AUD $37.50

(+ $15.17 Delivery)


Perfect for earrings, bracelets and necklaces lovers! What’s more amazing is that you are paying 2 for the price of 1! Scoreeeee!








AUTOARK Jewelry Box Organizer Holder

AUD $49.94

(+ $28.30 Delivery)


So many compartments! Perfect to store your accessories and put it away all in one spot!





Large Jewellery Box

AUD $69.99

(FREE Delivery)


You saying that a hoarder like me can store all my pieces in one organiser? Uhm, yes please!





Jenseits Clear Jewelry Organizer Box

AUD $66.49

(+ $29.26 Delivery)


If you have acrylic organisers for your make up, this would be a great match to place your jewellery organiser beside your make up collection!



DIY solutions

If you still aren't sure about those that I have listed. Check out how Emeline from ShinyEmy DIY'd her own display board! Watch from 3:01-4:50. You are welcome x 



If you happen to be a jewellery storage solution business, get in touch with us, we'd love to share your products with our members. 

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