Is subscription box the right thing for you?

Author: Jane C

It is only right to do some research before committing to anything. Same for subscription boxes. There are so many different types of boxes out there. It is easily overwhelmed when choosing the right one for yourself. Or you could be thinking, "is subscription box the right thing for me?". Let's have a look at the pros and cons.

Benefits of having a subscription box

Why not treat yourself?

If you haven’t received a gift from yourself yet, then you are certainly missing out. A subscription box is a special “from me, to me” surprise, an opportunity to add a bit of self-care to the day-to-day life. If you are someone who gets in deep dilemmas choosing products to buy but don't want to miss out on trying out new products, then a subscription box is a BIG YES for you.

It is the perfect gift solution.

Have you ever spent hours browsing a gift for someone special? Some subscription box companies do one-off purchase sample boxes. That could be the perfect solution to your headache. If you know your special someone is into whole foods, makeup or jewellery, why not get them a gift box designed for them, just like the Gift Club Box from Justgold.

They are a great value of money.

With subscription boxes, you get really great value for money as the price of the box is often much lower than if you had to buy each piece individually. 

You get the most trendy products.

Most of the boxes contain products that are fresh on the market. You will be able to experience those new trendy products first hand. 


Things to look out for when signing up to a subscription box

Return and exchanges can be tricky.

Due to the surprise nature of subscription boxes, it is not unusual that you will receive items every now and then, that aren't completely up your alley. However, a lot of people see this as an advantage as you could easily re-gift to others. Otherwise, you could provide feedback to the vendor to avoid receiving similar products in the future. Remember, the more they know about your preferences, the better they will do at curating the items for you.

Check their T&C

Most of the subscription boxes do not require any commitment from their members nowadays. You can cancel anytime you like, as long as its before the billing date. However, it is always good to check. 

If you are wondering what it is like to receive a Club Box from Justgold Jewellery Club, watch this unboxing video from Mel. 



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