Membership info

I have subscribed but how can I access my Preference Profile?

You most likely have received an email invitation to access your Preference Profile. If not, please check your junk mail. The alternative is to log in and then click on Manage Preference Profile.

Can I cancel whenever I want?
Yes, you can. As long as you cancel before we dispatch your next box, you will not be charged for the next box. This is typically 15 days before your next payment is due. To cancel your subscription, simply log in and then click on Manage Subscription.

Can I pick what I want?
You can pick up to 2 of your favourites from the current collection. You will be guaranteed to receive at least 1 of what you picked depending on stock availability. You will be able to pick the pieces you want from the current collection when you are filling out the Preference Profile. And the Preference Profile invitation link will be sent to you via email once you place an order. 

Can I change my preference profile?
Yes, you certainly can. Simply log in to your account and click 'Manage Preference Profile'. Update anytime before your next box is shipped. We will also send out a reminder a few days before your next billing date to update the profile. If you do not wish to update, simply do nothing.

If I can only pick 2 pieces from the collection, what would the other piece be?
Apart from the 'base pieces' that are showcased in the monthly collection, we also have a large variety of 'surprise pieces' that aren't listed. You will be likely to receive a surprise pieces in your box. Remember, our curators pick the pieces based on your style and preferences. 

Why can't you showcase the surprise pieces, too?
The surprise pieces are only available in a small quantity compared to the base pieces. We strive to personalise and differentiate each box for our members so  not everyone receives the same items. 

When Can I see the next collection?
New collection will be released on our social media and website on the 1st of every January, April, July and October. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook to get the latest news on collections. 

Can I buy the pieces individually?
Yes, for some pieces. We may add pieces from previous collections here.

Would I get a variety of items with each box?
Yes. Most of our collections would consist of more than one type of jewellery, such as rings and necklaces, or earrings and hair clips and rings. Don't forget, you will get some surprise pieces, too, which aren't showcased in the collection. If you have a special request, such as 'I only want to receive earrings', simply update your profile and we will try our best to make it happen!

Product info

Is the jewellery hypoallergenic?
Our pieces are highly unlikely to cause skin irritation. The earring posts are made of 925 Stirling Silver. However, if your skin is extremely sensitive, we recommend you to search for solid gold or silver jewellery. We do not stock any of those at the moment, but we are looking into it for the near future. Here is an article that you could refer to on how to pick jewellery for sensitive skin. 

What kind of materials are Justgold jewellery made from?
Our fashion jewellery ranges are made of alloy and mostly gold plated. 

How do I know if the rings would fit?
We have adjustable rings up for grabs. You can bend them or expand them as you wish to suit your finger size. 

What type of jewellery do you stock?
We stock a large variety of jewellery pieces ranging from earrings, necklaces (including chokers), bracelets, hair accessories and rings. However, they aren't always showcased in the collection. For each collection, we only showcase 5 base pieces for members who wish to have a bit more control of the box to pick from. To get the most out of the Justgold experience, we recommend to tell us what you like and let our stylists fully customise the box for you. Our stylists are great at picking pieces to suit your preferences. 

What type of bonus gifts do you include in the box?
Yes, you get 1 bonus gift with every Club Box. There is an array of assorted gifts that we give out with each box. They could be accessories, small make up tools, hair ties, basically anything girls would need. 

Environmental concerns

Can I recycle packaging material?
Absolutely. We strive to minimise the use of plastic as much as possible. All of our packaging material is recyclable from the wrapping paper and filler to the mailer box. 

We are still growing this list, please let us know what you'd like to know below.